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We specialise in osteopathy – a ‘hands-on’ medicine that seeks to restore the body to a state where this healing mechanism can be allowed to work itself. We do this by physical manipulation of the body’s muscle tissue and bones by removing restrictions to movement, improving circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid and by addressing any lifestyle factors or postural problems that may be prevent recovery.

Sports Injury

We offer a number of different techniques such as massage, stretching, gentle joint movement and joint manipulation to help treat a variety of musculoskeletal problems such as a bad backs; sciatica; headaches and limb complaints. We seek to understand all of the various factors that have caused the area become injured, and look at ways to resolve them, preventing the injury from re-occurring in the future.

Back Pain

If you have lower back pain that’s causing significant problems or doesn’t seem to be improving, it could be worth trying our manual therapy. We offer this type of treatment for any type of short or long-term general lower back pain and is also proven to help with sciatica – pain that spreads from your back down your legs. Contact us today to see how we can help you by addressing any lifestyle factors or postural problems.

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